105 error - Payload too high

I have received a 105 - "Payload too high" error. What does it mean?

This error is returned whenever the size of the response by the Seller surpasses the size limitation established on our side for optimal performance. E.g.:

<applicationErrors> 2 <type>105</type> 3 <description>Payload too high, received 21097.201171875 KB</description> 4 <httpStatusCode>0</httpStatusCode> 5 </applicationErrors>


Error: code:ALL_PROCESSES_FAILED, message:See warnings for more information 2warnings: 3code:, message:Access `ACCESS` returned: Payload too high, received 122000.3818359375 KB

How do I resolve these errors?

Solving "Payload too high" errors involves reducing the number of options returned by updating the value in the parameter "optionsQuota" from your request or account settings - we highly recommend to do this change only if strictly necessary:






We recommend that before updating your settings you test different "optionsQuota" values and reduce those gradually until the error is no longer returned.

You will find more information on Hotel-X errors and warnings on our API Documentation.