301 error - Option Not Found In Valuation

I have received a 301 error. What does it mean?

This error is returned whenever a Seller does not return the option previously selected by the Buyer in SearchRS - the option is not available anymore. This error may be returned both in QuoteRS and BookRS (in those cases the integration requires an additional Quote).


What is the difference between a 204 error and a 301 error?

One of our commitments is matching our Booking flow to the Seller's and in most cases, our Quote method requires more than one operation. This means that it's very common that TravelgateX Quote includes a second search to the Seller's system in order to figure out if the selected option is still available.

If we return a 204 error in QuoteRS, it means that the Seller returned 0 options for the availability request required for that method. However, we will return a 301 error if the Seller returns results but none of them coincides with the option previously selected by the Buyer.


In order to minimize 301 errors, we recommend reducing the time between Search and Quote. If the errors persist, please contact our Help Center.