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Already certified, now what?

Find out what will be the next steps once certified.

First of all, congratulations on getting your development of the Hotel Push Sellers API certified! You are now part of the TGX Network, and as a seller you can proceed to supply your hotel inventory to the Buyers connected to our platform:

  • Standard Buyers: Buyers without commercial agreement with TGX. These Buyers can only connect to Premium Partners.
  • Power Buyers: Buyers with a commercial agreement with TGX. The only Buyers who can buy from Standard Sellers or Premium Partners.

Now you are only three steps from going live with your first buyer:

Buyer activation

Once you've a commercial agreement with one of our buyers, they will be able to request your activation through our Connect Form.


Once a new buyer has been activated, the next step will be them to map your inventory against their own codes.

Final tests and going live

Ensuring that everything is ready for the launch is vital before going live. That's why, we always recommend to perform the final testings.

Once you've confirmed that everything is working properly, then you are ready to go live! Your Hotel Push Sellers API onboarding journey has come to an end, but don't be sad, we will keep supporting and accompanying you through our HelpCentre.