Have you noticed a service degradation?

Status Page: visit our status page https://status.travelgatex.com/ 

Here you can see the real-time status of our API - any outages, incidents and updates. We recommend you subscribe to our Status notification service and you will receive an email notification in case of any service disruption. 

If we are experiencing a service degradation there is no need to open a ticket with our customer care team, as our IT will already be working to identify and resolve the issue that is causing your network issues. You can check the realtime status of the issue in our Status Page.

No reported issues at our Status service?

We recommend checking the performance of all your connectivities connected trough us. It could be that some Seller are experiencing any issues in their own system. If a Seller notifies us of a service disruption on their side, we will publish it in our #platform Slack channel