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What status can be returned in Hotel-X Book response?

Once you've made a booking,  you will receive the Book status in the response of our API. It indicates the status of the reservation and can take four values:

1. OK: The reservation was completed with no problems.

2. ON_REQUEST: The reservation was completed but the product is still not available, so the reservation goes into a waiting list. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to check if the booking is OK.

Please note that booking status may change over time: you may receive an ON_REQUEST status in BookRS and after running a Booking Query some seconds later the status may have already changed to OK.

3. UNKNOWN: The reservation process through TGX was completed but due to a supplier error or a timeout, the reservation status is unknown (our system was unable to confirm if the booking was confirmed or not the on Seller's system). It is the Buyer’s responsibility to check if the booking is OK.

4. PENDING_COMMIT: The payment has been confirmed on the provider’s side, but is necessary to make a commit in order to confirm the reservation.


Some important points to be considered:

  • Although you may also run a Booking Query in order to check the status of a reservation, please note that you should always contact the Seller in order to check the actual status of a booking in those cases you receive a booking status different than OK or no response at all.
  • If you receive an error + booking status OK in BookRS (reservationRS), the reservation status prevails over the error.