Connecting to TGX as a Buyer when you work with a software house/technology provider

Working with a software house? Would like to connect to our 350+ Sellers? No problem! Follow the steps below to join our Network.

  • Check with your software provider that they are already connected to us.
  • First of all, you'll need to have a commercial contract with one of the Sellers available in our Network. Check out our website for a full list of Sellers including our Premium Partners.
  • Once you're commercially ready to connect to your Partner of choice, it's easy to get started - just join us! There are 2 types of Sellers in TravelgateX:
    • Premium Partner: If your selected Seller is a Premium Partner, you won’t have to pay for the connectivity as all costs are covered by the Premium Partner. All you will need is to sign our Framework Terms & Conditions (TCP) agreement.

    • Standard Seller: If the Seller selected is not a Premium Partner, you'll need to sign a commercial contract with us, as you will have to cover the costs of the connectivity.  

  • Once you have an agreement with us signed, we'll just need the following information to get the ball rolling:
    • If your Tech Partner already has a connection with us, connecting to your Seller of choice is super easy! We'll send you a welcome email with all the details you need to know to request the connection.

      Remember that If the connection is with a Premium Partner, they'll be the ones requesting the Activation (as they cover the costs).

    • If your Tech Partner doesn’t have a connection to our API, we will send them a welcome email so they can start with the Hotel-X development.

      Find more info about the development process here 

      Once your Tech Platform has applied for the Certification of their development, we'll get back in touch with you and send you a welcome email with the information you will need to request the activation of your first connection, as explained here.
  • Once you receive from us the access configuration to connect your Partner, you'll need to share these with your Tech Partner so that they can configure everything in their system. Please remember that we don’t know how the system of your Tech Partner works internally, so you'll have to ask them to guide you through their system.