Discrepancy of numbers between TGX Stats and the Supplier Stats

Lots of times, we have received emails or tickets from Clients or directly from Suppliers, asking us why on TGX Stats or Grafana, do they see more/less Requests per method compared to what the Supplier sees in their system. As you know, on TGX we have the following methods for the Booking Flow: Avail -> Valuation -> Reservation but sometimes, behind each method, more than 1 method from the Supplier it’s performed, depending on how is the Supplier Workflow. That means that maybe, in spite that being 1 RQ for the client, perhaps there’s 2-3 different queries performed to the Supplier.

For example, there are some integrations developed at TGX (NOT all of them), that our Valuation/Quote Request, for the Client/TGX is just 1 Request, but inside this single Valuation Request to TGX, we send the Supplier 1 Avail RQ to ensure that there’s still Availability and ensure that the Rate the client wants is still being returned, and then, we proceed to perform the respective Valuation Request to the Supplier.

As I mention, it depends on how the workflow with the supplier is.

In case you are not sure about the workflow that it’s done with your integration as a Supplier, please let us know.