How do I load free of charge rates for child/baby pax in Inventory?

All about loading free prices for children and babies

Currently, there are some Channel Managers that are not able to load their prices indicating free charges for child and baby occupancies. To avoid this problem, we have developed a new functionality that allows Buyers to indicate that specific rates work with free child/baby.

When creating/editing a rate you will be allowed to set passenger conditions in contract terms. 

In order to avoid any disruption to the existing product, both check-boxes are going to be unchecked by default. This means that by default the system's behaviour will remain the same.



As you may know, Inventory works with three different types of price, and each Channel Manager loads their product using one of them.

1. Room Price

The Room Price is not going to be affected by this new feature: All the room occupancies have the same price unless there are pax supplements loaded.

2. Occupancy Price

The Occupancy Price is not going to be affected by this new feature: This price already updates the final price for each occupancy with no additional calculations from the Inventory system.

3. Standard Occupancy Price

This type of price will be affected. Child and baby passengers will be considered as free pax depending on the Free of Charge set value.


For a Standard Occupancy of  3.

Under the Standard Occupancy:

Equal to the Standard Occupancy:

Above the Standard Occupancy:


When a free of charge checkbox is checked, the pax supplement is always going to be considered as an Exclusive type regardless of the Supplement type (regardless of it being Amount or Percent). E.g.:

  • The Standard Occupancy value is  3
  • 3-0-0 = 300€
  • Child supplement = 50€
  • Baby supplement = 10€


When the Channel Manager updates product for a particular rate that has Free of Charge configured, the Free of Charge value set will always prevail over the update. It means that our system will always consider the specific pax as a free pax regardless of the Channel Manager update. 


Using the following room occupations:

And the same occupancy price for all the rates:

The following price calculation logic will be applied for these example occupations: 

Occupancy 1-2-0

Occupancy 1-3-0


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