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Full Distribution solution Roadmap & Timings

What to expect when implementing the Full Distribution solution

We understand that you already know what is our Full Distribution Solution. If not, we recommend you to first check the following Article, where you will be able to understand what is this Full Solution and why to work with it.


Below, you will find the roadmap to implement our Full Distribution Solution:

Account configuration

First, you will need to configure your TravelgateX and Slack accounts following the steps explained here. You will then be able to access our platform, search for information in our knowledge base, and post dev questions on our Slack channel #platform.

You can also visit our Inventory extranet here by logging in with the credentials provided in the welcome email.

It will take you approximately 5 minutes.

At TravelgateX we like to break projects into smaller tasks, as the saying goes: "one step at a time". That's why we split the full Distribution solution configuration into 3 stages:


1. Inventory Loading Phase (Optional)

In case you have direct contracts with hotels and you don't have your own API developed at TGX, the first task at hand is to load your static contracts manually in the Inventory extranet - your hotels, rooms, rates, and allotment. For this, you will need to request us to create your own Inventory "Channel Manager" or in case the hotels you have a contract with are working with a Channel Manager, you will need to request the Activation. For this last option, please check this article explaining how to request a connection with a Channel Manager.

Find out more by watching these helpful videos 📽️ to have an idea of how the extranet works.

You will find a detailed explanation of the steps and functionalities in our documentation


2. Hotel-X Connections with Own API or Third Party Suppliers

In case we have your PULL API Developed or you have our Hotel PULL Suppliers API developed and your hotels are located there, you will need to request the Activation providing the necessary credentials.


Also, in case you would like to sell third-party suppliers' hotels, please note that you can do it, but first, you will need to sign a contract with them, and then, request the activation by sending the necessary credentials.


For this, please take a look at the following article explaining how to activate a new partner.


3. Hotel-X Mapping files Phase (Buying part)

In order to buy from different Sellers via TravelgateX and then distribute this product onwards, you need to create a mapping file that references the native hotel codes from these Sellers with your own hotel codes.

For this, you will need to generate a unique hotel code and create a mapping file that our Hotel-X API can use to return the product aggregated to the Distribution layer. Check our documentation to know how this mapping file works.

Bear in mind that the codes you generate as your own unique codes would be the ones used in the next step when configuring your static master files in Distribution.


4.Distribution configuration Phase (Selling part)

Here is where you configure and set up the master files for the selling part of the solution. 

Check out the Getting Started section of our documentation to fully understand the concepts and specific business elements and structures you’re going to find when working with Distribution.

In our master file loads documentation you will find the CSV format you need to complete with the hotels' information and, if you want, your own meal plans, currency, and other static codes. These are the masters which Distribution will work with and it will be your static content as a Seller in our platform.

Finally, you will be able to create the agencies for your connected Buyers and the pricing rules you desire to apply. Agencies and rules can be both created directly with the Distribution extranet or via FTP with the specific CSV format for rule files


Now that you understand which is the roadmap of a Full Distribution Solution, in case you would like to work with it, please contact support@travelgatex.com-7.hs-inbox.com