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Hotel Pull Sellers API Certification

All about certifying Hotel Pull Sellers API

Ensuring that our Partners fully understand our API, can make good use of it and that the information transmitted is correct is essential for a successful collaboration. That's why all the Partners connecting to our platform are required to pass a certification process, whether they are buying or selling in our marketplace.


When to apply?

You should apply once you've finished the Hotel Pull Sellers API development.

How is it structured?

Following with the structure used in the Hotel Pull Sellers API development, the certification is also divided in three main blocs:

  1. Static content
  2. Booking flow 
  3. Booking management

What we will be checking

The Hotel Supplier API certification aims to test and verify the following: 

  • Correct application of the mandatory content methods: Configuration, Geographic DestinationTree, HotelList, Descriptive Info, RoomList, MealPlanList, CategoryList and MetaData
  • Usage of general data structure of our API
  • Correct application of the booking flow and management: avail, valuation, reservation, reservation list/read and cancellation.
  • Correct application of the arrival and departure dates.
  • The correct handling of the prices (net price, gross price, commission, etc.).
  • Possible cancellation policies applied to the reservation.
  • The correct application of different distributions.
  • The correct application of the meal plans.
  • Different payment types.
  • Error codes.
  • Different rates.
  • Correct application of the static content.

What information do you need to provide for the certification?

In order for us to be able to test and certify the integration, we will need you to provide the following information:

Hotel Pull Sellers API template file

Here you will find the excel file we are going to use for the certification. The file is divided in 6 different sheets:

  1. Availability
  2. Valuation
  3. Reservation 
  4. Cancellation
  5. Reservation read/list
  6. Static data

In the availability sheet you will find different scenarios classified by the type of availability, distribution, price...

We will need you to fill the green cells with the following information:

  • Implemented: Whether you've implemented (Yes/No) the type of search, price, distribution...or not in the integration.
  • Hotel/Destination codes: Here you should provide the properties/destinations where we can find availability for the specified scenarios.
  • Checkin/out: Here you should provide the dates where we can find availability for the specified scenarios

You should also fill the green cells from the Static Data sheet, specifying which methods have been implemented.  

*No need to fill the rest of cells or sheets, just the availability one.


In order for us to be able to interact with your API, we will need you to provide the credentials, urls and parameters needed to be sent in the configuration.

*Note that for test purposes we are going to perform reservations with the credentials provided.

* Credentials should match with the Configuration method parameters you implemented. 

How to apply for the Hotel Pull Sellers API certification?

Once you have filled the certification template and generated the credentials, you will need to submit a ticket via our Help Center selecting the "Apply for the Hotel Pull Sellers API certification" option and attaching the file and specifying the credentials.