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Hotel Push Sellers API Development

Find a practical approach to the Hotel Push Sellers API development.

Starting a new project might evoke feelings of overwhelmingness. By splitting it into smaller tasks makes it more approachable and thus easier to plan and work on it. As the saying goes: "One small step at a time".   

The 3 phases approach

We've divided the Hotel Push Sellers API development into 3 main phases. Being the first one our set-up methods, second the product upload and third the booking management methods. Why this way? Because after accompanying our Partners through the development process, we've seen that when starting with the setup methods, they build a solid base to hold the product upload and booking management information and logic.

Before starting

We've created a test client (you will find it on our Hotel Push Sellers API extranet as "ClientTest") and linked to your account, so you can test the methods as you implement them.

Note that the RequestorID will be always the same one, as it is your Hotel Push Sellers API code. CompanyNameCode, on the other hand will be changing depending on the buyer connected to your account. During the development and for testing purposes, you can use the following CompanyNameCode: "CTEST").

We've also added a hotel, so you can test the implemented methods with it:

  • Name: Hotel Test 3
  • Code: 23   

1. The Set-Up Phase

This is the phase where the Sellers needs to implement HotelRatePlanInventoryRetrieve meessages to retrieve Seller’s static inventory in order to map the hotelier inventory into their system. Optionally Sellers can set up the product using HotelRatePlanInventoryNotif messages.

Further information on our Hotel Push Sellers API documentation

2. The Product Upload Phase

Here providers need to implement HotelRatePlanNotif and HotelAvailNotif messages in order to synchronize hotelier rates and availability. Optionally Sellers can read all the properties of their product loaded on our system using HotelAvailRetrieve and HotelRatePlanRetrieve messages.

    Further information on our Hotel Push Sellers API documentation

    3. The Booking Management Phase

    In this final phase providers can receive an instant API notification from TGX with HotelResNotif message for bookings and CancelNotif message for cancellations. If the Seller doesn’t allow push notifications to their system, it is possible to implement HotelResRetrieve messages in order to obtain a list of bookings from the Hotel Push Sellers API system.

    Further information on our Hotel Push Sellers API documentation

      Development Support

      Finding yourself going alone through a whole new process might feel a bit scary. That's why we want you to know that we are here to help you, not only during the onboarding process, but always.

      In order to do so, we created the following communication channels (each one with a different purpose, so we make sure that your inquiry hits the right spot):

      • Help Center: It's our ticketing system and should be used for technical support after the Hotel Push Sellers API certification. 
      • Slack: We've created a #platform channel where you will be able to post all your inquiries and concerns during the Hotel Push Sellers API development.

      In addition, you will also find support through our Hotel Push Sellers API documentation and  Knowledge Base where we've created resources to help you