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Hotel Push Sellers API Development Roadmap

Find out what the Hotel Push Sellers API onboarding looks like and what you can expect in terms of timing so you can plan the development accordingly.

Starting a new development is always a tricky task due to the lack of information surrounding the project and the difficulty to estimate the resources and time required. That lack of information leads to an under or over estimation of the resources needed and consequently to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the project planning, as well as a waste of time and resources.
At TravelgateX we want to ease that process by providing all the necessary information, roadmap and timings to effectively calculate the amount of resources and timing that will require to develop the Hotel Push Sellers API.

We've also created a Prize Program in order to motivate the Hotel Push Sellers API development, check it out here. 

The Hotel Push Sellers API onboarding process is composed of 5 milestones:

Account configuration

Configuring your TravelgateX and Slack accounts is very simple. By following the steps explained here, you will be able to access to our platform, search for information in our knowledge base and post dev questions on our Slack channel #platform.

You can also visit our Hotel Push Sellers API extranet here by logging in with the credentials provided in the welcome email.

It will take you approximately 5 minutes.

Hotel Push Sellers API development

At TravelgateX we like to break projects into smaller tasks, as the saying goes: "a small step at a time". That's why we split the Hotel Push Sellers API development into 3 phases:

1. The Set-Up Phase

This is the phase where the methods needed to retrieve or notify the set-up are implemented. 

On average, the Sellers developing Hotel Push Sellers API spend approximately 9 days in this phase.

2. The Product Upload Phase

Composed of two methods:

  • Avail
  • Rate

The product upload phase takes, on average, 14 days tour our Sellers.

3. The Booking Management Phase

Composed of two methods:

  • Reservation 
  • Cancellation

Our booking management methods took, on average, 7 days to our Sellers.

*You will find more information on each of the phases here.

Adding up the two phases, it makes a total of 30 days to develop our Hotel Push Sellers API. Obviously, the total time will depend on the amount of resources allocated to the project and the methods implemented.

*Click here to visit the Hotel Push Sellers API documentation.

Hotel Push Sellers API certification

In order to certify that the Hotel Push Sellers API has been developed and all the implemented methods work correctly. We will need you to provide a set of information, so we test everything is correct (more information here).

On average our sellers spend 15 days approximately to certify with Hotel Push Sellers API.

Buyer activation

Thanks to our automatic activation process, connecting a new buyer takes on average 2 days.


Here the buyer should perform the mapping work and the testings prior going live, so it has a noticeable impact in the total onboarding time (more information here). Resulting, on average, in 7 days.

Adding up all the milestones timings, it makes, on average, a total of 54 days to fully develop the Hotel Push Sellers API and go live with the first Buyer.