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Already certified, now what?

Find out what will be the next steps once certified.

First of all, congratulations on getting your development of Hotel-X certified! You are now part of the TGX Network, and as a Buyer you can proceed to request the activation of new Sellers (granting you access to their production environment).

Now, you are only three steps from going live with the first Seller: 

Seller activation

Requesting the activation of a new Seller will be as easy as filling our Connect Form, see the following video tutorial:

Request supplier connection


Bear in mind that before requesting the activation, you should have a commercial agreement with the Seller you want to connect to. If the  Seller is not a Premium Partner, you will also need to arrange for a commercial contract with TravelgateX. Our business model is very simple - we only ever charge one side of the connectivity.

  • Standard Buyers- Buyers without commercial agreement with TGX. These Buyers can only connect to Premium Partners.
  • Power Buyers- Buyers with a commercial agreement with TGX. The only Buyers who can buy from Standard Sellers or Premium Partners.
  • Premium Partners - sellers with a commercial agreement with TGX. The only sellers that can sell to both Buyers and Power Buyers.
  • Standard Sellers - suppliers without a commercial agreement with TGX. These incur no connectivity fees for selling to our Power Buyers.

Scenario 1:

Standard Buyer wants to connect to a Standard Seller. In this case, the Buyer will need to arrange a commercial agreement with TravelgateX in order to become a Power Buyer and as such be able to access the full portfolio of sellers available in TGX.

Scenario 2

Standard Buyer wants to connect to Premium Partner. In this case, the Buyer does not need a commercial agreement with TravelgateX, as the premium partner covers our connectivity fees. The Buyer just needs to be connected to our API, and the Premium Partner will request the activation of the integration between their system.


Once a new Seller has been activated, the next step will be to download his content (hotel list, destination list, room list...) and map it against your own codes.

We know that it's a laborious task, so in case you don't count with an in-house solution, we recommend you to check the following companies:

So they can help you with the mapping and thus decrease the amount of time dedicated to this process.    

Final tests and going live

Ensuring that everything is ready for the launch is vital before going live. That's why, we always recommend to perform the final testings.

Once you've confirmed that everything is working properly, then you are ready to go live! Your Hotel-X onboarding journey has come to an end, but don't be sad, we will keep supporting and accompanying you through our Help Centre.