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Resources and Best Practices

Read on for resources, tips and best practices that will help you make the most of your connection

Main Resources

Gzip Compression

In order to increase performance and save bandwidth, all LIVE traffic must (it is mandatory) enable GZIP compression in the HTTP header.

Keep Alive Header

In order to increase performance and improve response times (in Search), you can add the Connection: keep-alive header to all our transactions.

GraphQL To Rest

In case you expect to have +5k options returned per search response, we suggest using our GraphQL to Rest feature to keep performance at the highest level.
To implement this feature, please follow below steps:
  1. Check that your JSON parser is updated to the last schema as the Array. Fields previously defined as single Scalars can produce unexpected JSON marshalling.
  2. Add the HTTP header to your request(s): TGX-Content-Type:graphqlx/json
  3. Test a sample call for every request using the header
  4. Enjoy the performance

Improve GraphQL Performance

Visit our blog for some tips to improve GraphQL performance when responses contain more than 10.000 nodes and/or weight more than 1Mb.

TravelgateX Status

Offering an event tracker and consistent metrics, our Status page allows you to stay informed of our services performance in real time.

TravelgateX FTP

One of the biggest features of Hotel-X is the possibility of customize your requests by adding Apps.
Each App require a different set of files to be uploaded on our FTP in order to configure it.
In case you want to configure any of our App, raise a ticket on our Help Center requesting your FTP credentials.

TravelgateX plugins

Plugins are additional features that will introduce at a request level all the business logic you normally would have had to implement on your side. These plugins can be used to fully customize the request and response in any way you wish, and can be added as your business grows and evolves. You will find more information on all the plugins available at TGX here.

Content calls

Sellers' static information as Hotel List, Room List, Board List... are returned through our content calls.
We strongly recommend to implement them as sometimes, Seller codes might be different from the ones returned through our API. 

Criteria Search

When performing a Search query, we strongly recommend adding the following fields in the criteria section:
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Hotels
  • Occupancies
  • Language
  • Currency
  • Nationality
  • Market
Bear in mind that:
If currency is not introduced the default one will be applied. Note that even if introducing a specific currency, Sellers might return a different one.
Sellers might return different rates depending on the market. 

Hotel-X calendar view

You may build a calendar on your side with the availability response received through Hotel-X, however, please note that the more requests you send to TravelgateX, the higher your bill may be due to having a huge L2B (this depends on the contract signed with TravelgateX).

Reservation Status

Learn all about Book (reservation) status here.

Cancellation Status

Learn all about Cancel (cancellation) status here.