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Hotel-X Credentials

Check your apikey, clients, accesses and contexts.

Hotel-X credentials

Once you've configured your account, you will be able to access our App and check your Hotel-X credentials and accesses by following the next step-by-step guide. 


  1. App access: Login with your credentials here.
  2. My Connections: Click on "Connections" in the top menu. There, click on "API Settings".
  3. API Settings: Your Apikey will be displayed in a yellow box at the top of the page.


An access is the set of credentials and the authentication configuration that enables a Buyer to connect to a Seller. It is used to differentiate among Sellers and also to filter different credentials and configurations from the same Seller (e.g. B2B and B2C feeds). You can check this information in My Connections.

How can I get my access code?

You just need to confirm a commercial agreement with the Partner you want to connect and request their activation through our website (Auto-Activations Form).


A client is a party that buys accommodation services through Hotel-X API implementation. Client codes are consistent throughout all TravelgateX implementations and they are used to identify the business that is making the request and to confirm that the business has a configuration assigned to it.

You may have more than one client code, for instance, in order to differentiate traffic for your B2B/B2C credentials (e.g. client_b2b, client_b2c). Since all accesses work with any of your client codes you should make sure you use one or the other according to your needs. You can check this information your API Settings.

If you still don't have a TravelgateX account, sign up now and test our API using our demo credentials:

  • Apikey: 8626cf56-e364-4fd1-4fe0-311e23ac6355
  • Client name: "client_demo"
  • Accesses: "0" and "5647"


Context is how a Buyer/Seller defines hotel, board and room codes among others. Each Profile (either Buyer or Supplier) can manage their own contexts or use existing ones. 

Context applies to:

  • Hotel Codes 

  • Board Codes 

  • Room Codes 

With our built-in solution, you will be able to use your own context when requesting a Hotel-X operation. If you are a Buyer, you can also map your context against your Supplier contexts, just make sure you upload the mapping files according to our Documentation and use your own context when making the requests.

What is the difference between access and context?

The difference between both is that whereas an access is the item that contains your credentials for a specific connection, a context is the internal TGX code needed in order to request either the original supplier hotelcodes or your own hotelcodes (previously mapped and uploaded to our FTP).


You will find more information on Hotel-X credentials here