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Hotel-X Development - Boards Query

What is Hotel-X Boards Query and what information can I expect?

Boards Query returns a simple boards map for a given set of credentials (access) that may include translations to other languages.

1. How can I retrieve the Seller's Board List?

You just need to follow the specifications in our Documentation and API Playground and build your own Boards Query, as easy as that! Also, remember you are able to personalize the fields requested, so only the information that matters to you is returned in the response.

Boards Query example:

{"query":"query ($criteria: HotelXBoardQueryInput!) {\n hotelX {\n boards(criteria: $criteria, relay: {}) {\n edges {\n cursor\n node {\n code\n boardData {\n boardCode\n texts {\n text\n language \n }\n }\n error {\n description\n code\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n","variables":{"criteria":{"access":""}}}

2. What can I expect to receive in Boards Query response?

The fields returned are: 

  • Code
  • Board Code
  • Text

The amount of information and content returned might vary between Sellers.

3. Can I filter by boardcode?

Yes! You can filter your results by adding the "boardCodes" field to your criteria and specifying the board/s you want to receive.

4. How should I map Hotel-X Boards? Does TravelgateX map for us?

Our objective is to ensure our Partners always receive the native information as sent by the Seller without any modification, so mapping should be done either internally or externally on your side.

Connecting with a new Seller doesn't always mean that you are interested in the whole boards portfolio - maybe you are just interested in some specific board types (or maybe you don't even map Seller boards at all). Since mapping depends entirely on your side, you can map only those boards you are interested in.

Additionally, if you are using Hotel-X API, you can upload your own mapping files to our FTP (credentials should be provided by our Customer Care team), and we will use your own board codes in the booking flow (more information here).

More information on our Documentation and API Playground