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Hotel-X Development - Cancel Mutation

All about Hotel-X Cancel Mutation

Hotel-X Cancel Mutation allows you to cancel a booking made via TravelgateX (more information on our API Schema and Documentation):

There are two different types of cancellation:

  • By reference
  • By bookingID

Once the booking is cancelled, the details of the cancelled booking are returned with the following information:

  • The booking status: CANCELLED (more information on possible status on CancelRS here).

  • Cancellation fees, if applicable

  • Hotel, rooms and rates of the cancelled booking

  • Holder name

How are cancellation costs calculated and displayed?

There are three ways (penalty types) to calculate cancellation costs, depending on the Seller. Note that a booking may also have more than one penalty type associated:

  • NIGHTS: It indicates the number of nights to be penalized.
  • PERCENT: It indicates the percentage to pay based on the option price (possible values between 0 and 100).
  • IMPORT: It Indicates the exact amount payable.

Can I apply any filters to Hotel-X Cancel Mutation?

Unfortunately, there are no filters in the Cancel Mutation.


Is it possible to retrieve only the cancellation costs without cancelling the option?

You can check the cancel policies information (if the Seller provides those) from QuoteRS or through our Booking Query.