Hotel-X Development - Category List

We've prepared a collection of articles that will help you learn everything you need about the Hotel-X Category List query.


  1. What is the Hotel-X Category List query?
  2. How can I retrieve the Seller Category List through Hotel-X?
  3. What can I expect to receive in the Hotel-X Category List?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I going to receive Sellers native codes?
  2. How can I paginate the content methods?
  3. Can I see the Static Information from a Seller before Certifying?
  4. Can I personalize the Hotel-X queries and receive less/more information?
  5. How can I know I've downloaded all the Static Information?
  6. Can I filter the Hotel-X Category List by category codes?
  7. If a category is returned in the Hotel-X Category List query, does it means that it will be available when performing a Search?
  8. Is the Seller static content stored in your database?


  1. I am not receiving the expected information in the Category List, what can I do?
  2. I have received an error while downloading the Category List, what can I do?
  3. I am not receiving the amount of categories I expected, what can I do?


  1. How does the Category mapping work? Do you map categories for us?
  2. Should I map the whole Hotel-X Category List?