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Hotel-X Development - Destinations Query

What is Hotel-X Destinations Query and what information can I expect?

Destinations Query returns a list of static data about destinations for a supplier’s access, so that you are able to retrieve all the destinations the Seller has configured for a given set of credentials.

1. How does Destinations logic work? Do you map destinations for us?

Through Destinations Query, you'll be receiving the Seller native destination codes (mapping should be done either internally or externally on your side). Those codes can be classified under two different nodes:

  • Zone: Not the lowest node.
  • City: The lowest node.

Given the aforementioned nodes, Sellers build their own Destination Tree so when you request the destination list you receive a classified response to help you map it (more information on our Documentation and API Playground)

Node classification between Sellers might vary. For instance, imagine that you are connected with two Sellers and both have inventory in San Francisco. One scenario could be:

US: Zone US: Zone
California: Zone California: Zone
San Francisco: Zone San Francisco: City
Mission District: City  


2. What can I expect to receive in Destinations Query response?

Some of the fields returned are: 

  • DestinationData: code, available, destinationLeaf
  • Texts (if you filter your request by language you will receive the texts in the language specified)
  • ClosestDestinations
  • Parent
  • Type

The amount of information and content returned might vary between Sellers. You will find out all about mapping on TravelgateX here.


3. How should I map Hotel-X Destinations? Can I filter the results according to specific destinations?

It depends on your interests - some Buyers are only interested in properties located in a few specific destinations, in those cases you may map only those destinations.

For instance, if as a Buyer you are only interested in the Spanish inventory of a Seller, you can filter the Destinations Query by adding the "destinationCodes" field "ES" to your criteria (country codes should always follow ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format) and you will only receive destinations that "hang" from the "ES" zone:

Can I paginate content methods? Sure! Make sure you check the following article for further information.