Hotel-X Development Outline

How long will it take to develop Hotel-X?

The 3 phases approach

We've divided the Hotel-X development into 3 main phases. We recommend you start with the content queries, then proceed to implement the booking flow and lastly, the booking management methods. Why ? Because in our experience, we've seen that when starting with the content queries, our Buyers build a solid base to hold the booking flow and booking management information and logic.  

1. Content queries

This is the phase that will take the longest due to the work and logic required with regards as to how to obtain the information (query acquaintance), and how to treat it (mapping logic).

2. Booking flow

Composed of two queries:

  • Search
  • Quote

And one mutation:

  • Book

3. Booking management

Composed of one query and one mutation:

  • Booking
  • Cancellation

Development Support

We are here to help you, not only during the onboarding process, but always!

In order to do so, we created the following communication channels (each one with a different purpose, so that we make sure that your inquiry will be handled by the right person.

  • Customer Care Team: It's our ticketing system and should be used for technical support after Hotel-X certification. 
  • Slack: We've created a #platform channel where you will be able to post all your questions and concerns during Hotel-X development.
In addition, you will also support through our Hotel-X documentation and  Knowledge Base where we've created resources to help you.