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Hotel-X Development Roadmap & Timings

Find out what Hotel-X onboarding looks like in order to plan your development

Starting a new development is always a tricky task - it's often difficult to accurately estimate the resources and time required and this can lead to a possible inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the project, as well as a waste of time and resources.
At TravelgateX we want to ease that process by providing all the necessary information, roadmap and timings to effectively calculate the amount of resources and timing that will require the Hotel-X API development. 

Hotel-X dev journey (12)

The Hotel-X onboarding process is composed of 5 milestones:

Account configuration

Learn how to edit and customize your Company's Profile here.

It will take you approximately 5 minutes.

Hotel-X development

At TravelgateX we like to break projects into smaller tasks, as the saying goes: "one step at a time". That's why we split the Hotel-X development into 3 phases:

1. The Content Phase

This is the phase that will take you the longest due to the work and logic required in order to obtain the information (query acquaintance) and the treatment of it (mapping logic).

On average, Buyers developing Hotel-X spend approximately 12 days in this phase.  

2. The shopping phase: Booking flow

Composed of two queries:

  • Search
  • Quote

And one mutation:

  • Book

The shopping phase takes, on average, 8 days to our Buyers.

3. The Reservation management phase

Composed of one query and one mutation:

  • Booking
  • Cancellation

Our booking management methods take, on average, 5 days to our Buyers.

Adding up the three phases, it takes an average of 25 days to complete the development. Obviously, the total time will depend on the amount of resources allocated to the project. We've had clients who developed in 7 days, others in 2 weeks and some take months.

Click here to learn all about Hotel-X.

Hotel-X certification

Certifying your development consists of performing 4 cases and providing the logs of each of the queries and mutations through a certification ticket (more information here).

On average, Buyers spend 3 days approximately to certify.

Seller activation

Thanks to our automatic activation process, connecting a new Seller takes on average 7 days.


Once the Buyer receives the activation data, the ball is on their court for the mapping process and internal testings prior going live. These have a noticeable impact on the total onboarding time, taking on average 7 days to be completed.

Adding up all the milestones timings, it takes on average a total of 37 days to fully develop Hotel-X and go live with the first Seller.   

What our Partners think about Hotel-X development

At TravelgateX, we're continuously looking to improve and find new, better ways to do things! Feedback is paramount in this process, and here's some insights of our Partners experience:

70% of our Partners said it took less time than expected to develop Hotel-X.
85% of our Partners found it easy to develop our API.
95% of our Partners are very satisfied with the amount of support received during the development.

You will find more information on Hotel-X implementation resources here.