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Hotel-X Development - Search Query

All about Hotel-X Search Query

Search is the first step in our booking flow. This Query aims to return all the available options for a given date and itinerary (and for one or more Seller's accesses). You will find more information and examples in our Documentation (link).

You can filter your Search by access or don't set any access at all (all your available accesses will be requested), in which case you should use your own context code in order to avoid mapping errors. Please your context code is linked to the mapping files previously uploaded on your side to the FTP: you will receive the results from all your Sellers with your own Hotel Codes - you will find more information about Mapping on TravelgateX here.

Can I search by destination? Of course! You will find more information about our Search by Destination feature here.


What are the minimum recommended fields to be added to a Hotel-X Search Query?

Since the amount of information requested in Hotel-X Search Query will depend on your needs and preferences, our recommendation is to check all the the fields available in the DOCS tab from our Playground.


How many hotel codes per request are allowed in SearchRQ?

We recommend a maximum of 200 hotels: the new aggregator will split them in batches in order to request all of them to each Seller.

Please take note the current formula and rate limit are subject to change.


Are there any limitations on the number of searches can perform per minute?

Not from TravelgateX side - we don't have any limitations on the RPM in any of our methods. However, some Sellers may have some limitations so we suggest you contact directly with them in order to discuss this information.


Does nationality or market affect the price returned?

Yes, nationality and market might affect the rates received in SearchRS. This depends on the Seller so if you consider that you should get (or not) different rates depending on the nationality or market, please contact your Seller directly.