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Find the resources that will help you approach the Hotel-X development feeling confident.

Sometimes, it's hard to find the right resources necessaries to successfully approach a new project. That's why we wanted to ease that process by providing you with a wide variety of resources (from Hotel-X documentation to webinars, tutorials, Go packages...). Helping you begin the development feeling confident.

Hotel-X documentation

As part of your development to our Hotel-X API, TravelgateX will provide access to online documentation which will aid you in developing the integration. Please note that this documentation is subject to changes and ongoing improvements, so check back often and don't forget to leave your feedback in our Slack community!

Hotel-X endpoint

Use this endpoint "https://api.travelgatex.com" for all the methods available through our Hotel-X API and for both test and production environments.

Chinese endpoint

In case your servers are located in China, you can use the following URL to
improve performance "http://api-cn.travelgatex.com".

How to approach GraphQL

We know that GraphQL is a very young technology and sometimes it might be hard to figure out how to implement it in different programming languages.

Below you will find some tools that might help you accommodate your API to our Hotel-X API:

Find out more GraphQL tools and tips by visiting the GraphQL website and Awesome GraphQL GitHub.

Customer education videos

TravelgateX's Customer Education videos aim to address topics of basic
content, but which will help resolve situations where confusion may exist:
Visit our Youtube channel for more videos.


Check our FAQs category (in the "I'm a Buyer" section) anytime you get stuck or have a doubt.