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What's the difference between single mode and multimode in Hotel-X Search?

Our Hotel-X APIs is packed with lots of features and one of them is the possibility to chose between searching in a single mode vs searching in a multi mode.

Single Mode Search

The default mode in Hotel-X allows our Partners to perform one search per Seller connected to their account at a time .

How does it work?

When running your Search, you should add the Seller's access code you would like to query.

Note that you should use the Seller context in your Search requests unless you have previously uploaded your mapping files to our FTP.

Multimode Search

The multimode query allows our Partners to search multiple Sellers at the same time in just one request.

How does it work?

In order to be able to search multimode, you should first upload your Sellers' mapping files to your FTP (more information here). Once processed, you will be able to place your searches to multiple Sellers using your own context (using your own hotel codes) as follows:

  • Specifying the access codes in the filter node - the query will only be sent to the accesses specified:

  • Not specifying any accesses:
    The query will be sent to all the accesses connected to your account (only the ones belonging to the Sellers where the mapping file has been uploaded). This query will also check the value of the "testMode" tag in order to request only the test or production accesses, accordingly.