Hotel-X Certification

Find out what you need to do to get your development certified.

We certify your development to ensure that our Partners fully understand our API and can make good use of it. 


The Hotel-X certification is composed of 4 cases:

Your are able to use any of the Sellers and hotels available in your account (check the active sellers in your account here) for the certification process. 

What information do you need to provide for the certification?

In order to proceed with the certification we'll need:

  • A CURL request and response of each of the booking flow and booking management methods from each of the cases detailed in the previous point.
  • The resulting Hotel-X response interpretation screenshots of your system so we can ensure you are showing the information correctly. 

What we will be checking?

In the Hotel-X certification, we will be checking the following points: 
  • Usage of general data structure of our API
  • Usage of the correct booking flow and management: search, quote, book, booking and cancellation.
  • The arrival and departure dates.
  • The correct handling of the prices (net price, gross price, commission, etc.).
  • Possible cancellation policies applied to that booking (if you use it).
  • The information of the room selected (id, code, description, etc.).
  • The meal plan selected.
  • Provide Seller's remarks on the entire booking flow.
  • Enabled GZIP compression header.
  • Understanding of the different payment types supported through Hotel-X.

How to apply for the Hotel-X certification 

Once you are ready apply for the Hotel-X certification, you will need to submit a ticket via our Help Center attaching the four test scenarios outlined previously.