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How to access demand or booking datasets?

Insights-X makes it easier for you! Just on a few steps, you can customize your datasets.

At Insights-X, all data has been processed and cleaned, so no extra work from your side is required.  If you already know the destinations for which you need the information, you just need to decide:

  1. What type of datasets do you want to have access to: demand or bookings?
  2. What fields should be included in each dataset?
  3. How do you want to receive data: CSV, JSON or BigQuery?
  4. Do you need just one dataset or recurrent information?
  5. If recurrent information, how often should data be updated and, how long will last the project take?
  6. What's the temporal aggregation you need: daily, weekly or monthly basis?

Have you answered all questions above? Then you're ready to contact us: send us all information and we will evaluate your request.