How do I add more users to my company's account?

Learn how to add new users to your company's account.

We've prepared the following step-by-step guide to help you add new users to your TravelgateX account, so they can access to all the features available at our platform.

1. Login

First step will be login on our website, so you can access to our website:

*In case you don't have login details, please contact our Customer Care Team here

2. My Company

Once you've logged in, click on your profile photo and select "Account Settings" 


Once you're in "Account Settings", click on "Member Management" and you will be directed to our "Users Management" page where all the users and API keys linked to your account are displayed:

3. User Management

At the top right of the screen you will find the "Add new user" button:

Then complete the fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email


Once created, the user will be displayed in the list and receive an email to configure his account. All users associated with your company will be able to add new users. Only the "Owners" of the account can edit or delete users.