How can I add a new room type in Inventory?

The Inventory extranet allows you to work with your own room type list. Create, edit and use your own room types in the configuration for your hotel and rates.

In Inventory you have your own room type list available for all your connected Channel Managers. This allows you to reuse different room types or create quickly a new one.

The process to add or edit a room in the Setup section allows two options:

  • All room types: Select from the autocomplete field a room code and description from your own room master list. Room code can be modified for this rate.


  • New room type: Create a new room type, enter a code and a description for your own reference. Once saved, this room type will be added to the room master list and will appear as an option in 'All room types'.



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Check our full documentation to understand how the Inventory extranet works in detail and find out all its functionalities and tools.