How can I check what my charges are for the services provided by TravelgateX?

Check your monthly invoices and control your usage.

How can I use Billing? 🖱️

Once you have logged onto TravelgateX, go to Account Settings and click on the Billing tab. By default you will see your contracts list with its specific information.


Click on the 'Invoices' tab and you will be able to check your monthly invoices and all its details:

  • Invoice date
  • Start and End date: applied invoice date range.
  • Invoice id: Unique identifier of invoices.
  • Partner type: Seller or Buyer.
  • Contract type
  • Amount 


Click on the 'View detail' link and you will be able to check specific monthly details.


What information does Billing provide me? 📋

Billing provides valuable information to understand with all details your invoices in TGX. For each monthly invoice you are able to see relevant associated data based on your contract type: total bookings, total requests, TTV... 




Moreover, for each connection, you will see a breakdown by:

  • Fee type (i.e., traffic, setup, maintenance, bookings, excess, discount...)
  • Number of charges for each fee type
  • Amount (VAT not included)

In case you are a Buyer, or you are a Seller and your Partner's organization has different clients used for that connection, you will also be able to check this information by each one with the 'View by client' option.



💡 In case you have any doubt, questions or issues please contact our billing team here.