How can I edit the name of my company and change the owner of the company?

Learn how to change the company owner and the company name.

We've prepared the following step-by-step guide to help you edit both (or just one of them) the company owner and the name of your company. 

Changing the name of the company will change how potential customers see it on our Partner Directory.

1. Login

First step will be login on our website, so you can access to the backend:

*In case you don't have an account on our backend, you can request it by submitting a ticket on our Help Centre here

2. My Company

Once you've logged in, click on "My Company" section at the top menu and select "Edit company":

You will be directed to our "Company Management" page where the owner and the label of the company are displayed:

3. Edit company owner and/or company label

By clicking in any of the boxes (owner and label) you will be able to change the value within:

Once you've changed the values, click on the "Save" button. 

Changes will be applied automatically and you'll be able to see the new values in the "Company Management" page.