1. Troubleshoot

How can I get the logs in the supplier’s API format?

If the client uses our HotelX API and they include in the request the value "auditTransactions": true, the provider’s API logs will appear in the section of the response "auditData".

The “auditData” section includes the request sent by TGX to the provider, and the response from the provider to TGX both in their API format.
If the client uses our Legacy API they can get those Logs by adding inside the main MethodRQ the following nodes:
Doing this, the Client will receive the Supplier logs inside the following nodes on the RS:
You will have to change the "<" and ">" values for the respective character in order to have the "clean" logs.
Finally, there's another way to download the logs of already made transactions which are not "Availability", using our Stats and Logging Dashboards.
Please, it's very important, that you only use the "AuditTransactions" or "RegisterTransactions" only for testing purposes. If you always use it on Availability and having the connection in Live you can overload the system or you can increase the response time.

You can learn more about these tools in the following article: https://knowledge.travelgatex.com/my-account-settings#my-apps