What is the Full Distribution solution?

This solution is aimed at the Seller who wants to maximize benefits by buying inventory from other Sellers in our marketplace and centralize the management of product, pricing and filters for each of their Buyers.

Save time and focus your resources on selling your product to our portfolio of Buyers
without the need to have your own API. Over 300 OTA’s and distributors are already
working with us and trust us to expand their business by searching for specialized product and travel services covering different destinations.

Let’s grow together!

As a Seller, we know that your main objective is to distribute your product to multiple Buyers and, ideally, configure and manage multiple business rules for each of them using one single user-friendly interface.

In order to obtain more product, you need to connect to more Sellers, but you may lack the resources ito develop an API to source product from suppliers and another API to aggregate it and then distribute it to your own customers. That is a reality many of our Partners face, but don’t worry, because here at TravelgateX we have all the tools and products available to accomplish all these needs! Check out our Full Distribution solution:

Full Solution


As you can see in our diagram, our Full Distribution solution consists on the following tools:

  • Distribution:
    This is the layer where you, as a Seller, will manage all your agencies or channels distribution, apply business rules such as markups, currency exchange or blacklist and check or download your booking details. All these operations can be performed using our Distribution extranet or our rule files loaded via FTP. Here you will also load the csv file with your content masters: hotels, meal plans, currencies, etc.
  • Hotel-X:
    As you can see, Hotel-X appears twice in our diagram because it is our Buyer's API and it will be the one your Buyers will use to connect to you (some Buyers might still use our Legacy API, and that's no problem!).
    Hotel-X is also the API you will use to buy product from your Sellers. However, despite using our Full Distribution solution you won't need to develop our Hotel-X API because the Distribution layer is already internally connected with it. Yes, you heard it right, no development is needed in order to buy from other Sellers in the marketplace!
    In this layer, you can manage your mapping files via FTP. 
    Mapping in the Full Solution means that you'll need to map all your Sellers' native hotel codes (from the Sellers you are buying from) to your own generated hotel codes, as these will be the ones eventually returned to your final Buyers and the ones the Distribution layer will work with. 
  • Inventory:
    If you want to access the product you have contracted from different Channel Managers or if you want to load your own contracts manually,  you can use our Inventory extranet. There, you will be able to configure the setup from your different Channel Managers or load your own rates (allotment, prices, discounts , etc.). 

The standard Full Solution workflow can be summed up in:

  1. A Buyer connects to you via TravelgateX 
  2. Your Buyer's requests will reach our Distribution layer, which will replicate the same request to your contracted Sellers (including Channel Manager and your own loaded product) using our Hotel-X API. This connection between Distribution and Hotel-X is internal, you don’t need to develop any API! 
  3. Hotel-X will connect with your Sellers and aggregate all the inventory using your mapping file in order to return a unique response with your own codes to the Distribution layer. 
  4. Distribution will apply the business rules previously configured on your side (pricing, filters, blacklist) and return the final availability results to your Buyers.