How can TravelgateX help me get access to more connectivity?

How can TravelgateX can help me?
We are Marketplace, that is to say, we provide connectivity between the systems of Buyers and Sellers of travel product.
We have 3 APIs available for integration - one API for those travel companies  
Through one integration to our API you can get access to a standardized feed of all of your Sellers. Once connected, adding a Seller is a matter of getting a contract with them - there is no more need to create and maintain an integration. 

Please visit our tech documentation here:

Who else are you already working with?
Connectivity is key to any business, it's all about partnering with the right people. Industry references such as Agoda, Expedia, British Airways Holidays,,, Hotelbeds, On the Beach, Love holidays, Avoris, Logitravel and many more have joined our Network and are reaping the benefits of our massive connectivity Network.

Who could we get connected with?
TravelgateX is proud to offer one of the largest Network of Partners worldwide. Check out our website for a full list.