How does the Destinations mapping work? Do you map destinations for us?

TravelgateX behave as a bridge between Buyers and Sellers, promoting a 100% transparency on all the connections. Ensuring that our Partners always receive the raw information without any modification.

In this case, through the Destination List query, you'll be receiving Seller native destination codes. Those codes can be classified under two different nodes:

  • Zone: Not the lowest node.
  • City: The lowest node.

Given the aforementioned nodes, Sellers build their own Destination Tree, so when you request for the Destination List you receive a classified response to help you map it.

Node classification between Sellers might vary. For instance, imagine that you are connected with two Sellers and both have inventory in San Francisco. One scenario could be:

Seller 1

US: Zone

California: Zone

San Francisco: Zone

Mission District: City

Seller 2

US: Zone

California: Zone

San Francisco: City

*Mapping should be done either internally or externally on your side, we don't perform mappings for our Partners.