How does TravelgateX IPs work with Sellers

As you may know, if you are a Seller, the requests you receive from TGX come from different IPs. Some Sellers work by filtering IPs on their system and some do not.

Normally, if the Seller's system does not filter by IP, our system works dynamically. This means that our environments use new IPs when scaling up and down, using dynamic environments from different cloud providers.

If the Seller's system filters by IP, we have a fixed IP configuration. This means that the Seller will always receive the same IPs from us. In case we add or delete any new IP, we will inform the Seller so they are aware of this.

Below, you can find our List of fixed IPs for Hotel Suppliers (updated on 15/11/2021):





As a payment/VCC supplier you should add only the following IP list (updated on 15/11/2021):

In case you are a Seller that doesn’t filter by IP but you need to send all the traffic from the same IPs, please create a ticket to our Customer Care, indicating this need, and explaining why you need this to be done. Once you do this, our Teams will analyze the possibility to change your configuration.