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How Insights-X is working?

Insights-X is a powerful data product that will let you get back in control of your business.

The innovative way we store, manage and process data allows us to produce real-time data, historical trends and forecast the travel industry to match you.


In order to analyze and produce useful insights, Insights-X extracts, loads and consolidates data from products like Hotel-X.

Once the data is consolidated in our Data warehouse, we can share data depending on each partner’s relationship with TravelgateX:

  • Partners: e.g. OTAs and Wholesalers already connected to our platform, they will have access to accurate data regarding their performance, ratios, prices, product usage… With these insights an accurate benchmarking against competitors is provided so that our partners can gain a competitive advantage. We do this without ever exposing our partners’ data because we use anonymous competitive sets.

  • Hoteliers: connected or not to our platform, will also have access to benchmarking information, discover KPIs such ADR and supplier-client demand, which will help maximize room revenue.

  • Other Industry partners: not connected to our platform, can have access to insights about segmentation, profitability and demand across global markets. This data will help you forecast your own needs.