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How to buy TGX Direct

How can a buyer connect TGX Direct as a Supplier

If you are here, we understand that you already know what it’s TGX Direct, so now you may be wondering how to be connected and buy from this product.

In order to be connected with TGX Direct, first of all, what you will need is to have a signed contract and the necessary API credentials with one of our developed VCC’s providers:

  • WEX
  • Ixaris
  • eNett

Once you ensure you have this mandatory requirement, you will need to sign a contract with us and then you will need to go to our Connect Form and request the connection as shown below:

Once you request the connection, we will proceed to first activate your VCC connection, and then we will finish the activation process with TGX Direct.

Please, remember that VCCs with the NET amount will be generated automatically on TGX (with your VCC credentials) in the moment you send the Reservation Request. Please, remember as well, that VCC cancellations must be done manually by you in the VCC Supplier Extranet.