How to edit & customize your company's profile in our website

Your profile on our Network is a showcase for potential Partners, so having a great and detailed profile is key for success!

Our Partner Network Directory was born with the purpose of not only increase the visibility of our connections, but also to build an environment that fosters networking and business opportunities.  Your Company Profile is your chance to stand out with engaging content designed to attract attention!


How to set up your profile

Once you've logged in, click on your profile photo and select "Account Settings" :


It will lead you to "Account Settings" page. Once there, you will can complete all fields, such as company name, URL Website, add your logo and background banner, add a descriptiono to present your company to our Network, set the company type, headquarters location. Once completed all fields, you will be able to publish your company profile in our Network.

Once your profile is public, not only Buyers and Sellers will find it through our Network, it will be open for all the world. We recommend you to take your time and write a clear and brief description of your company.