How to request a new connection via TravelgateX

Connecting to a new Partner in a few steps

In order to connect with a Partner you need to be a part of the TravelgateX network. If you are not yet part of the largest marketplace of travel connections in the world, join us now!

  1. Check out which Partners are available searching our Network Directory.
  2. Once you found a Partner with whom you have already established a commercial contract with, click on "Connect" and you will be redirected to the automated Connection Form
  3. Please bear in mind that by requesting the activation of a connection, you are assuming financial responsibility with TravelgateX for this connection.
  4. Search and select the Partner you wish to connect to (if you are connecting to a Premium Partners, it's the Premium Partner that should request the connection).
  5. Please complete the section named "Credential Settings" with the information from the Seller's system as best you can as this will ensure no manual intervention is required to generate the activation for you.
  6. Click on "Create Connection".

The process of going live process will have started!

Once generated, your new connection will be available in the section "Your connections".