How does the B2B Portal work?

As you may already know, our legacy website is being sunset, as are all functionalities within it. Some of you might still be using the old B2B interface there, however, you should bear in mind that data is refreshed in this site, and you may encounter bugs which will not be addressed as we offer a new interface in our website - click to check out our new B2B Portal

Quick Guide to Making the Most of our B2B Portal

This new tool is very similar to the previous one, you will see that once in Availability Request, you'll complete the fields that are mandatory to send the request.

*Important. you might not find the access you need in the Accesses field as we are migrating all accesses from the legacy website to the new one. The migration of hundreds of thousands of access is a work in progress,  and if you do not see the access you need, just pop over a ticket to our Customer Care team so that they can migrate the one you need.

Once you have filled in all the fields and chosen the Destination (hotel) you have to click on Search.

If there is availability for the request the options will appear on the same page. If an error occurs, you can find the full search logs on the next tab:

Show RQ and Show RS will appear, the logs will be displayed and you can copy them to review (Copy to clipboard).