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How to Manage HotelX Content

HotelX allows two types of Queries:

  • Search to a HotelCode level: in order to receive the information of a specific HotelCode(s), you should introduce the HotelCode(s) of your query:
    { "criteria": { "access": "", "maxSize": 200, "hotelCodes": [ "A159", "B357", "C568" ] }, "language": [ "en" ], "token": "" }
  • Search the complete HotelList from a supplier’s access: in order to receive the complete hotel list from a supplier’s access, you should introduce the number of hotels you want to receive in the response of the query. Since the hotel list includes a large amount of hotels, it is divided into several batches, each one of a different number of hotels. In this case, the minimum size you can request is 100, and the max. is 10000. In order paginate each batch, you should use the token id returned in the Hotel List response.
    { "criteria": { "access": "", "maxSize": 200, "hotelCodes": [ "" ] }, "language": [ "en" ], "token": "" }