How to use the Parameters returned in Avail and Valuation methods

In the Avail method response you will see a tag called Parameters. This tag and its contents are crucial in order for the integration to work properly, and you need to use them in the Valuation request if you want your booking to be successful.

The way you use this tag is simple:

  1. You copy the entire tag, just as it is returned in the response.
  2. You then paste the tag in the body of the Valuation request.
  3. Run the Valuation method

After you've ran the Valuation method, and if you have obtained a response successfully, then the same tag will be returned in that response. However, the content of the tag will be different this time. Using this tag is just as easy as using the one obtained in the Avail response.

  1. You need to copy the whole tag and its contents.
  2. You then need to paste them in the body of the Reservation request.
  3. Run the Reservation request.

Following these steps is crucial for the booking flow and is what allows the integration to work correctly.