I am a Premium Partner, now what?

Please find below the next steps in order to start selling through TGX:

First Connection

  • Do you work with a Software House already developed on TGX? If so, you just have to request the activation of your client through our Connect Form as explained in the following video. Please remind to send your API credentials, and please ensure that you have a signed agreement with the client.

    Please note that on “Partner Required” you should select your Company Name. If it’s still not available, please select your Software House name and then specify in “Additional details” that you are a new Premium Partner that works through these Software House.

  • Don’t you work with a Software House already developed on TGX? If your Software House is not developed on TGX, or you have your own API, you (or your Software House) need to develop our Hotel Supplier API (PULL) 

    Once our API is developed and certified, you must proceed as it's explained here.

Do you want us to introduce you to potential Buyers?

Your commercial contact in TGX can help! Please provide us some information as to the type of Buyer and Markets you are interested in so that we can help you find the perfect match!
Remember to use our HelpCenter to report any technical issue you might be experiencing.