I have received error 104 in my response. What does it mean?

Error 104

This error occurs when the Seller's response time has exceeded the timeout set in the Buyer's request.

This time is specified as a common element in each request named "timeoutMilliseconds", see below availability example:

In this example, the Buyer set up a timeout of 24700 milliseconds (24.7 seconds) as the time that TravelgateX will wait until for a response. Error 104 will be parsed if we are not able to obtain an answer from the Seller's system before the established timeout. 

The possible solutions are:

  1. Increase the time allowed for the Seller's response.
  2. Contact the Seller directly in order to let them know about your response time expectations.
  3. Reduce the number of AvailDestinations
  4. Try the operation again.