I have received an error code 102 in my response

Error 102 is classified as a Seller error in our system. If the Seller sends the description for that error in his response, we will pass that on to you. If the Seller does  not provide an error description, we are only able to classify as 102 without description. We strongly recommend you contact your Seller directly to investigate what could be causing it.

Example of a 102 with Error Description:

" 102: The start date must be a future date".

This means that the Buyer is searching for a date in the past, and the Seller cannot respond with any availability for past dates. The solution here is to adjust the search to reflect dates in the future.

If the Seller error description is not clear for you, we recommend contacting directly with the Seller's tech team in order to figure out why the performed request failed.

Does the error appear at availability search?

Considering the high search traffic volume handled by TravelgateX we don't store the availability logs in our system automatically.  Having said that, there are two possibilities to get the full error description from an availability request: 

  1. Launch a manual availability request at your end and verify the response you got. 
  2. Submit a ticket via our HelpCenter in order to record your availability logs during a specific time frame.