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I’m a Hotel/Hotel chain and I want to sell through a Channel Manager.

To sell hotels via TravelgateX it’s a really simple task for hotel chains, as any contract or payment with us is required, as well as any direct interaction with our platform.

As you will see in the article, the parts involved in the inventory supply are:

  • Hotel/Hotel chain
  • Channel Manager
  • Buyer (OTA, TA, Wholesaler, Bedbank, Metasearcher...)

Commercial terms:

As we explained, you don’t need to sign any contract with TravelgateX, what is more, any charge will be invoiced to you. The contract relationship with TravelgateX will be only with the channel manager and the company who buys the hotels, as they are who will directly interact with us.

The Hotel/Hotel chain just needs to have a contract with the channel manager and with the buyer who will acquire the hotels.

Technical terms:

Most of the Channel Managers use our InventoryX solution. This extranet allows to store all the hotels information such as availability, rates, prices, etc in Travelgate’s system.

In this way, the transactions will be much faster and efficient, as it won’t be necessary to access each time to the supplier/channel’s system to check the availability and rates.

How to upload the hotels in TravelgateX’s InventoryX?

The buyer will create the hotel, as well as all its information (rooms, rates, descriptions, etc).

As soon as the buyer has created all the hotel info, the channel manager will upload the prices and availability.