Joining TravelgateX through an already connected Platform?

What to expect when connecting to TGX via your Tech Partner's existing connection to our marketplace

Thanks for considering us as your Connectivity Provider!

The following information is an elaboration of how you can join our Network through an already connected Platform and what to expect during and after the signup process.

Your tech provider

First step is to ensure the software house you work with has an existing connection to us. You’ll be able to find them on our Network page by applying the company type filter and selecting the “Booking engine” and “Tech platform” categories. 

Next to the Company Name, you’ll find the type of connection the platform has with us (Buyer, Seller or both). If you are trying to connect to hotel suppliers, your platform should be connected to us as a Buyer. If you are a hotel supplier wanting to connect to the Buyers in TGX, your Tech Provider should have a Seller connection type.


Click on the “Join now” button to initiate the sign-up process. You’ll be led to a form in which you’ll be asked for the type of connection you would like to use (Buyer, Seller or both), contact information, company type and name of the company.

Once you fill in all the information and clicked on the “Join” button, an Agreement will be displayed based on the type of connection you have selected (please read carefully the Terms and Conditions). 


You are now inside our App, where all the action happens. Welcome to the Network!

Next in your screen there will be a brief tutorial introducing you to the next steps based on the type of connection selected.  

The App

We know beginnings can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! With the following resources you’ll become “the three-eyed raven” of our Network:

  • Dashboard: Quickly view and manage data about your Connections and your Company Profile (more info here)
  • Network: Finding new connections has never been easier! Search for the perfect new Partner to connect and grow your business.
    Just click on Network (top menu) and search among our Partners - you can filter by Connection Type (Buyers/Sellers), Company Type, Headquarters location, Premium Partners, and more!




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