How does the mapping process work? Do you map the hotels for us?

We always return the provider's hotel codes through our API, ensuring that what you receive is 100% what the Seller returns.

Keeping to our commitment to transparency there are no Travelgate hotel codes, so that the mapping between a Buyer and a Seller can be easily optimized by both parties without interference from TGX. Our Buyers are in charge of mapping each of their Sellers.

Please note that the quantity of hotels that you need to map is according to your needs. If a Supplier provides you with 100K hotels, you decide how many hotels to map, but we recommend you to always ask the Supplier which hotels you should map to avoid unnecessary requests and reduce L2B.

Finally, please note that If you are using our Hotel-X API, you can upload your own mapping files to our FTP (credentials must be provided by our Customer Care team), and we will use your hotel codes in the booking flow. To upload your codes to the FTP, please follow the guide described here