How can I modify the Standard Occupancy in Inventory?

As you may know, our Inventory Extranet allows for prices to be loaded in 3 different ways:

  • Price per room
  • Price based on standard occupancy
  • Price per occupancy

Standard occupancy is the standard number of Adult paxes of the room.

If you would like to modify the standard occupancy, please ensure that you inform the channel of this modification so that they can map and refresh. 

First of all, we need you to confirm that you are aware that this may lead to a price change if the channel does not map again and refresh. That is, if we modify the standard occupancy and the channel does not map and load again, price discrepancy is a distinct possibility.

So, once you have informed the channel you will be modifying the occupancy, we need to know exactly for which hotel, rate and room you need us to modify the Standard Occupancy.

You can do this via our Help Center.


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