My Connections

View, activate and monitor your connections

You can check your connections either as Buyer or Seller (make sure you browse accordingly) by clicking on Connections>My Connections:


There, you will find a list of all your connections and filter the accesses returned by Connection Status: All connections, Working accesses, Pending accesses, Not working accesses and Deactivated accesses).


Every connection contains at least one access and their following information: ID (HotelX accesscode), Supplier ID, Access name, Type, Status, Accomodations, Active, APPs, Last Modified and Actions.


Type identifies the access environment (test or live).

Access Status:  

  • Not Working: one or more processes in the activation have failed and our connectivity team needs to review this activation manually.
  • Pending: the activation has been registered correctly and it's undergoing the configuration and validation processes.
  • Working: the activation process was completed successfully and the access is available and ready to be used.

 Status (1)

    Accomodations: total properties available.

    Active/Inactive: Here you can enable or disable your Hotel-X connections - please note that you can only use accesses while they are Active in our system. Still using our Legacy API? Connect to Hotel-X API and enjoy this functionality and many more!

    Apps: link to the Stats and Logging APPs for that specific connection.